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My life is all oganised apart from one thing, I still don't know which song i should sing. Two sides to me many people don't see, I often wonder which one i should be. Should i be strong, full of true grit, After all my dear old Mom was a Brit. I wave the Union flag with all of my might, With the British Army i learned how to fight. Dear old Dad was a Soldier a US GI, I reckon he must have been a smart guy. He moved on and my birth he missed, Hell he most likely don't even know i exist. Though nobody told me when i was a lad, I always knew a G.I. was my dad. I don't know who else i should thank , For always feeling like i was a Yank. You see i don't know which song i should sing, And i also don't know what the future might bring. My mothers song was God Save the Queen. The Star Spangled Banner Dads would have been. At least to the Union Flag i can be true, For both are the old Red White and Blue. I guess nobody with this can help me, There ain't no cure for split Nationality Though our soldiers abroad together can die, We Brits for the Green Card Lottery cannot apply Our chance to a new journey we all must forgo Our special Relationship Ho Ho Ho So Mr President i am appealing to you to see, If there is anything that you can do for me. 'Cause when it comes to the old red white and blue I feel that i'm at least as American as you. DJB 2009 Authors Note. Dad was a G.I. George D****** from Pittsburgh, P.A. Mom was British but later became a U.S. Citizen after moving to the U.S. Older Sister also moved to U.S. and is a U.S. Citizen Younger Sister moved and is also a U.S. Citizen Aunt Connie, Aunt Jane, Uncle John and their children are also U.S. Citizens. Me, I can't get the wife to agree to move to AZ, I am still working on it !!!!!!!! I spend a lot of time in Yuma at my Sisters place when work permits. I am a Cardinals fan and have been ever since they moved to AZ, Used to be a Rams fan when they were in L.A, (Ok so i can pick a loser) I have been a Country music fan from the age of 8 when i first heard Hank Williams on the radio. I am Patriotic and would defend the UK or the USA if called upon to do so, fourtunately i don't see the day where i might be asked to defend one against the other.. The Last Post and Taps will be both be played on my final day!!!

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